Lopez Island: Cycling Paradise?

by Eric Shalit on July 6, 2010

That is in fact me, at Iceberg Point.

I just got back from 3 days of bicycle camping on Lopez Island, one of the San Juan Islands about 90 miles and a ferry ride north of Seattle. While drivers waited in line and paid high ferry fees, I drove to Anacortes, parked my car and hopped on the ferry with my bike. This set me back about $17.50 round trip.

Pennyfarthing velocipede in the Fourth of July parade. It appears to be setup for touring.

Every mode of transportation and cross-section of island demographic was represented in the Fourth of July parade.

Lopez Island is a paradise for the experienced cyclist who relishes rolling hills, occasional climbs, extraordinarily friendly roads, pastoral scenery, and magnificent marine viewpoints. It’s also got that essential ingredient, a great bakery (Holly B’s).

I wrote about Lopez Island in depth back in October. You can read that article here.

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