Eleven Gear’s new Coral Snake Jerseysays “Don’t tread on me!”

by Eric Shalit on June 19, 2010

If there’s proof of intelligent design, it’s the work of Eleven Gear’s Rick Pepper. Eleven Gear is a small company with a handful of brilliant jersey designs. I love Rick’s designs for their intelligence, subtle wit, and great looks, which he somehow rolls together into some of the best safety gear I’ve ever seen. Additionally, they’re not the standard fare festooned with distasteful logos and poorly placed patterns. God knows you and I don’t want to look like festoons! Good for you but bad for Rick, you won’t see many of them on the road. Rick recently emailed me his latest high-visibility design. Here’s what he has to say about it.

Evolution. Four million years of it can generate some amazing, striking designs.

Take, for example, Micrurus Fulvius The North American Coral Snake. This elusive yet deadly poisonous snake, native to the southern US, shows us an amazing design of vivid colors to ward off those who would do it harm.

It is Nature’s universal KEEP AWAY sign, instantly conferring to the viewer that the beast under this colorful skin is something not to be trifled with.

We hope nature doesn’t mind that we’ve borrowed this design that she has worked so hard to create, and applied it to a new environment, the open road, and put it on a new creature, the cyclist.

There is nothing subtle about this jersey. It atavistically commands the attention of both motorists and fellow cyclists. The reflective striping on the back and sleeves also dramatically increases visibility in low light situations.

True to it’s southern roots, a full-zipper up front will keep you cool during hot summer rides.

Full zipper for hotter days, Designed in California and Made in USA of sublimated Aries Micro Plus fabric. Available in Men’s and Women’s cuts. $78

Click here to buy directly from Eleven Gear and support great American design.

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