Seen on the street: Butt Crack Jersey

by Eric Shalit on August 14, 2011

CYCLEBUTTCRACK jersey: rear view

Riding around Alki this eve for my daily constitutional, I was passed by an otherwise gentlemanly fellow exposing his butt crack to the world. At first glance I thought it was perhaps an illusion caused by the subtle play of mid-summer light, or a Shroud of Turin-like effect caused by some ungodly stain. I picked up my pace, caught up with the fellow, and asked if there was in fact a butt-crack on his jersey. He replied in the affirmative that there was indeed a butt crack, and that he was its author, creator, and exclusive worldwide purveyor.

His name is Lance and he offers these for sale on his website at He’s a fine young gentleman, an architect by trade, and has discovered a most subtle and tasteful way for fellow cyclists to show their butt cracks to the world. He has other products in the works, but needs to sell of bunch of these innovative new jerseys first. The garment quality appears to be first rate! You won’t find these at Performance Cycle, Walmart, or Costco. Support American innovation and buy at least one of these.

Lance showing the front view of his Butt-Crack jersey. Note the unisex logo.

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lance August 15, 2011 at 7:46 pm

Thank you for the write up and introducing me to your blog. It is awesome!

Nice to meet you Sunday,



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