Vulnerable User Bill Hearing in Olympia: Friday, January 21

by Eric Shalit on January 15, 2011

Please come to Olympia and watch how the sausage of public policy is made. See Cascade Bicycle Club’s Advocacy Director, David Hiller in action.

The Vulnerable User Bill is scheduled for a hearing on Friday, January 21 at 1:30pm in the state Senate Judiciary Committee. Please join Cascade Bicycle Club and sign in favor of the bill. RSVP by emailing if you plan on attending, and let them know if you would like to join a carpool. They will do their best to accommodate you.

Many of the hearing attendees will be family members or victims of tragic crashes, and they will need our support on the 21st. CBC will have House and Senate bill numbers soon so that you can contact your leaders directly and ask them to help make the Vulnerable User Bill state law.

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