Cascade Bicycle Club Board Resigns! Yes Virginia, there are buzzards on the edge of town!

by Eric Shalit on January 14, 2011

Unable to wiggle out from under a dark cloud of mistrust of its own creation the Cascade Bicycle Club Board of Directors has resigned. A new board will be elected in March. This is the first step toward getting Executive Director Chuck Ayers re-hired on a long-term basis as well as re-affirming membership’s commitment to the work done by Advocacy Director David Hiller.

A big shout out and hurrah to Keith Hoeller, Kelli Currie, and Renee Barton of the Bike Club Rescue Squad. Grass-roots advocacy in America is not quite dead!

The controversy surrounding Chuck Ayers’ firing appears to have renewed membership’s interest in the direction of the club. These are important times for bicycle advocacy in Seattle. With each success in gaining safety infrastructure and momentum for legislative protections, there has been massive negativity and push-back from anti-cyclist individuals and groups.

As such, this has been a bad time for CBC to be in chaos. Nevertheless, I’m confident the organization will come through this stronger and be able to continue its advocacy and outreach work. The only way to guarantee this is through member participation and awareness of major issues.

I’ll be following events, posting updates and information on how you can get involved.

Below are links to articles in other publications about the board resignations.

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