Gigantic Hair Dude Stops Traffic & Draws Eyeballs with Bike-vertising

by Eric Shalit on November 10, 2010

As I headed toward the West Seattle Low Bridge on my ride home this evening I nearly fell off my bike because of what I saw heading my way. Big gigantic hair. Yes officer, that’s all I saw. Once the gigantic hair passed, I gradually recovered and became aware that there was more going on here.

The gigantic hair dude, Tim, was powering the enormous back-lit big-screen advertising you see above. Music was streaming from the speakers. I yelled out and asked Tim if I could take his picture to share with you.

Updated 11/12/10: Tim writes:
About me; I’m a musician, newish to Seattle from Durango Colorado, and trying to stay close to the things I am passionate about. With my business right now, I am trying to promote shows and local bands. I want to give it a try for a few months to see if I can squeeze by doing things close to music, but in the future that might change, and I will keep anyone interested posted

Trahykworthy Bulletin, is a new business in the downtown Seattle area, dedicated to promoting local musicians, and events. Our HQ is a three wheeled eye-catching machine, located on any given corner, and is sure to get your next show noticed. Equipped with a backlit bulletin and 2 pairs of sound-pounding speakers, this mobile attraction can do what matters most; Get the passers-by to hear your tunes while they are checking out your show poster.

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Louise November 10, 2010 at 10:27 pm

I’ve seen him too!


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