Pedal-Driven: Skate punks of the forest fight for access.

by Eric Shalit on November 4, 2010

This came to us via Bike Intelligencer. The Wenatchee-based crew at HowellAtTheMoon productions must be feeling pretty good about now. According to the Kickstarter Web site, the group’s much-anticipated documentary on trail conflicts involving mountain biking has topped its $15,000 fundraising goal — with a week to spare. Producers have said the money will finish the project in time for premiering at the Sea Otter Classic next spring.

PEDAL-DRIVEN: A BIKE-UMENTARY ( is designed to be much more than a bike movie. It’s part of a movement, a pro-sustainability. pro-cooperation, pro-access, pro-communication movement. This movie will provide a tool for advocacy whether you are a member of the mountain biking community, the conservation community or – even better – both. This documentary will take a fair-minded approach to a contentious topic, with the ultimate goal of promoting respect for the land, the preservation of our rights to access our natural public places and the adoption of sustainable practices by mountain bikers, land managers, and all who care about the future of our limited and shared natural resources.

We open our story with the clash now taking place on America’s public lands between mountain bikers – and free-riders in particular – and their federal land managers over illegal trail building. But at root this is a hopeful movie that will document the process as the two factions slowly, but surely, begin to find common ground in the form of creative and sustainable solutions.

Our goal is, through beautiful cinematography and engaging storytelling, to demonstrate the shared goals and inspire further cooperation between the users and managers of our public lands.

We have been hard at work for more than a year on this project, have successfully raised $100,000 and have completed nearly all shooting for the project. Now we’re working to raise the final $70,000 necessary to complete the movie. This will allow us to edit and launch the documentary. We truly appreciate you considering helping us get there with a donation here at

Pedal-Driven is a non-profit project, being created in association with the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), so every single dollar of profit it ever generates is earmarked for future sustainable trail building and land stewardship efforts. Your dollars now could mean thousands in future donations to sustainable trail-building projects.

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