City of Joy: Critical Mass 2010, Budapest

by Eric Shalit on July 30, 2010

Here’s an amazing video by Daniel Fiantok of the 2010 Budapest Critical Mass Earth Day ride, shot using a technique know as ‘Tilt-Shift’. The Budapest ride is the largest on the planet, with tens of thousands of riders. This makes Budapest, Hungary look like the coolest place on earth for the bicycle-lover. Not exactly your great-grandmother’s ox-cart. This is best viewed full-screen.

Why Is Critical Mass Budapest so huge? It’s mostly flat. Bikes have been popular for generations in Hungarian cities. But to get to 40,000 riders and more, there’s clearly more going on.

For a thorough explanation click here to read a terrific article by Joel Pomerantz published on the San Francisco Critical Mass website.

To learn more about how the film was shot click here to read about Tilt-Shift (Minature Faking).

To see 50 examples of Tilt-Shift photography click here.

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